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Women Shoes for Bike Ride

The season for the bike rides is finally open. The weather outside is getting better with each passing day. Sun and nice breeze encourage us to switch cars to a bike. Spring and summer is the time of the year when people that love bikes are waking up from the cold, and not so friendly for bikes, wintertime. You can use bikes everywhere – going to school, to work, to a meeting, or simply for a bike trip. Each of these occasions requires a different outfit. An outfit that will fit the occasion, and match the bike style. The key here are the right shoes. Some shoes are a big no-no for the bike, the perfect example of it would be high heels, avoid it at all cost. So if you would like to find out what shoes should you choose for the city ride or a long trip, I will try to answer these questions.

City Ride

Pastel-colored bike, flowery basket, and loose, wavy hair – for this romantic image, it would be very inappropriate to wear heavy sports shoes. It would turn an otherwise perfect stylish picture into an ugly mishmash from cheap soap opera. Shoes for the city rides don’t have to be extremely durable. It only has to be comfortable and bring stability. Luckily, we are living in the times where esthetics are equally important to comfort. Therefore we have almost unlimited options, where should we start?

Ballet flats

Every woman owns at least one pair of ballerinas. But where the idea to use them for a bike ride comes from? Well, ballet flats are comfortable, bring stability, and are of course fashionable. Let’s also mention safety, women shoes for bike ride should cover your toes. This helps to keep your feet intact and reduces the risk of slipping out of the shoe, and ballerinas do that. For the long day spent outside your home, like for school, or office for example, ballerinas are a really smart choice. They allow your feet to “breathe” and feel comfortable for the whole time.


Another safe and fashionable choice for city bike rides are espadrilles. This shoe type will be great for the cautious, as well as for the romantic kind of person that cares about the comfort and good presentation. Espadrilles provide comfort, air circulation, and an amazing look. These days there are many various types to choose from, sporty, elegant, colorful, black, in patterns, etc. Therefore I am sure that every woman will find something that feels and looks just right.

Sneakers and Tennis Shoes

We live in times where fashion is open for many different options. Combining an elegant outfit with a gentle sporty accent? Perfect choice! Sneakers or tennis shoes mixed with an airy sundress is another great option for the woman that likes to break stereotypes. Fabolous stylization with a touch of sporty accent is evidence of an extraordinary sense of style.

Longer trips out of the City

Out of City trips are somewhat different from the city rides. They are a bit more challenging, therefore it is reasonable to use shoes that are more durable. Having said that, full-on sport shoes will thrive in this situation. Light, breathable, made with materials that give good stability and amortization, usually with an anti-slippery sole, there are so many good things about sporty shoes.

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