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What to wear to a christening

What to Wear to a Christening? First and foremost try to keep your outfit modest and don’t unveil too much. If this is the christening of your child, consider classic, pastel colours, and an outfit that looks good but also, is comfortable.

What to Wear to a Christening, the most important rule.

Christening is a religious event, often taken place in the church. Have that in mind when deciding on what you will wear. The most important rule when choosing the right outfit, is how will it fit the situation, and since christening is a religious event, modesty is a perfect choice. What does it really mean? No matter if you choose elegant trousers, a dress, or a skirt, it is important to cover your shoulders and cleavage. It is also in good taste that a dress or skirt is going past your knees. However, if you really want to wear something shorter, it won’t be a tragedy.

Christening dress code is usually formal. Women suits, elegant trousers, and skirts, classy dresses, these are perfect choices for this type of event. There is another rule that is also important, less means more. And this is not only in regards to clothes, it relates to your whole creation, including your hairs, jewelry, shoes, etc. Simplicity and elegance, those two words should be on the back of your head when deciding on a christening outfit. Christening is a joyful celebration, that’s why, as I already mentioned, pastel colors will fit perfectly. You can also wear a black dress, but remember to add some “happy” pastel and warm accessories, shoes, etc.

What to Wear to a Christening during summer

If the christening you are attending takes place in a summer months like June, July, or August, you have more options compared to other months. Sundresses and airy dresses can be freely used for this event. Try to choose the ones that are longer, and cover your knees. Floral and happy patterns also won’t be anything bad for the ceremony. Let’s talk about shoes, is it appropriate to put on sandals? In short, there is nothing against that, however, shoes that cover your heels or toes will be received better.

What to Wear to a Christening during winter

When you are wondering what to wear for a christening that takes place in winter, just follow the rules outlined before, modesty, elegance, and simplicity. During winter it is really important to choose the right coat and shoes. If you have to wear a hat and scarf, try to choose the ones that are not very flashy. Rather than a huge and extraordinary scarf, choose elegant, but modest scarf made of wool or cotton. There is a similar rule when it comes to hats.

Christening as a host

If it is a christening of your child, make sure to choose the outfit that is comfortable. Something that won’t constrain you when you take care of your child. I can also give you a small tip, to pack spare clothes in case your kid makes the one you are wearing dirty during feeding. When it comes to shoes, you have a variety of options, from pumps that are not too high, to very comfortable ballerina shoes. Color-wise try to opt into happy, warm light colors, white, pastel pink, beige, light blue, or light green will all make sense.

Christening as a guest

When you are attending christening as a guest, remember the rule that I mentioned earlier, less means more. Christening is not a wedding, so more modest outfits suit this event better. The best outfits for this occasion are outfits that are modest, elegant, and simple. Nothing stands in a way of putting elegant women suit. If you decide on a skirt or dress, make sure that it covers your knees, it is not too flashy, and you are good to go.

I hope this article on what to wear to a christening will help you choose the right outfit for this special and joyful occasion. If you would like to read more interesting articles and get more tips regarding women’s shoes, and women’s outfits, check out other articles. Here for example, you can find HOW TO BUY COMFORTABLE HEELS.

May 22, 2020

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