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6 Shoes Types to Wear with Dress

It is getting warmer outside, so it is slowly time to start using lighter and airy clothes. Women will certainly start wearing more and more dresses. What types of shoes to wear with dress? What will create perfect harmony combined with a light sundress? What shoes to choose for summery office creation and what to wear with an airy dress? You will find all the answers here in the form of 6 shoes types to wear with dress!


What shoes you choose for your dress depends highly on the style of your dress, type of it, colour and most importantly on the occasion you are planning to wear them. Almost every woman owns a few different types of dresses in her wardrobe, some women own even more than that. I will suggest a few different options that should cover most different dresses types.

Shoes for official office dress

Most of the time, office dress is elegant, looks official, and is in dark shades. Therefore, in this case, it is important to stay in a similar style to it with your shoes. Choose something that is stylish and classy.

High Heels

My first proposition is high heels, they are traditional, “go-to” office shoes. High heels add class and style to every creation, you will look elegant and serious wearing them. You can easily combine them with pantyhose, or even the thick black tights. Another great advantage of wearing high heels is that they give you a huge boost to confidence. And this is something that is very important in the office environment, during business meetings, etc.

Ankle Boots

This option is for all of you that are not convinced to wear high heels for the whole day in the office. Ankle Boots are way more comfortable than high heels, and you can easily spend the whole day in them, without feeling any sort of discomfort. They are classy, and will definitely suit any office environment.


Pumps are universal women shoes, they can be matched with everything. However, it is important to remember to choose pumps that aren’t too flashy, and are in rather toned colours and style when choosing office shoes. Consider classic colours, and standard style, without any distracting elements on them. The choice here is so broad when you take into consideration all the colours, material, heel size, etc. that every woman will find something right for her.

What shoes to put with a sundress?

Very universal piece of wardrobe that won a place in almost any women’s closet. The huge popularity of sundresses can be associated with the way you can use them, which can be worn for almost any occasion. Another great thing about them is that many different shoes can be combined with a sundress. The question is what is the best option to wear with a sundress?


Sandals are type of shoes that we all associate with summertime. Sandals are extremely comfortable, and you can wear them for a long period of time without any sort of pain. Apart from that, they look feminine and create a perfect outfit when combined with an airy dress. An interesting alternative to flat sandals, are sandals on a platform, and they are currently conquering the fashion world.


A few years back, that would be a combination that only crazy people would use. However, these days, this is something completely normal, and in fact, it is very popular. When you wear sneakers with a sundress, these pieces complement each other, creating a light, girly look.

Ballet Flats

Last, but not least, ballet flats. Ballerinas are another great shoes when you wear them together with a sundress. They are perfect shoes for this occasion, they are very comfortable, and there are many different types of ballet shoes. You can choose from multiple materials, colours, types, etc. Another huge advantage of ballet flats is that they take very little space. So you can easily pack them in your bag, and use them as spare shoes, when your primary shoes start causing discomfort.

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