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Did you just bought a new red dress and are eagerly waiting to put it on, but you are wondering what kind of shoes will go well with it? Red dress is definitely a symbol of feminity and sexiness. We put it on when we want to be in the center of attention, and when we want to attract attention on us. No wonder why we put it on for important events like a wedding, birthday party, or special kind of date( valentine’s day, anniversary, etc.). Apart from the dress, there is another important part of a great outfit, and this element is the right shoes.

What shoes go well with red dress?

Let’s start from the good news, it doesn’t matter what shade of red your dress is, shoes examples presented in this article are somewhat “safe” and will go along well with all the shades of red dress.

Nude Shoes

Pumps and Heels in neutral beige or skin-like colour are a great choices for a red dress. Shoes in toned colours don’t steal attention from the dress, that’s why they are such a good option. This toned shoes colours are suited the best with sophisticated cuts and designs. Another great advantage of nude shoes is that they make your legs look longer and slimmer.

Silver Shoes

Red compliment metallic colours and silver is one of the easiest metallics to wear. Red and silver go together especially well if you combine your silver shoes and a red dress with other silver accessories like jewellery or clutch purse.

Gold Shoes

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, red and metallics are great couple. Hence, gold combined with red really creates this glamour effect. No matter if you have golden heels, or sandals with golden elements, gold always look good when matched with red. After all this is royal combination. And when we are covering gold, it is also worth mentioning yellow pumps. Those will go well with all sort of red outfits. Starting from short skirts, all the way to long, elegant dresses.


Black Shoes

Black Heels are the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about red dress. This will be 100% good option if you dress has a uniform colour. Another good combination will be red mini or midi dress with black heeled sandal. This mix will make you look very feminine and classy.

White Shoes

If you like to create “contrast” outfits, and you feel like black might feel to “heavy” for the season or occasion, go with white sandals or heels. White shoes will tone out whole outfit a bit, and balance your look. This combination is perfect for more casual vibe. White sneakers together with casual red dress is great for everyday outfit. It will result with a sporty and charming look.

Red Shoes

Red shoes together with red dress are also known as total look. However to pull it off, you need to pay attention to details. One of the most important one is to have to same shade of red on your shoes as well as dress. Otherwise you might commit fashion faux pas.

I hope you liked this article on shoes for a red dress, and remember those are some of the examples that will go well with a red dress, but many other shoes colors can also look extraordinary with the red dress, so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit. Apart from that, if you liked this short article, feel free to take a look at the other helpful tips, here you can find TOP 20 HIGH HEELS FOR 2020 SPRING.

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