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Sandals Comfortable Summer Shoes for Women

Sandals – Comfortable Shoes for Summer, are one of the oldest types of shoes. This airy, light and comfortable shoes are perfect for the warm times of the year. Apart from knowing how to wear them, it is also good to know a bit about the history of sandals. The history that dates back to ancient times. Those shoes were already used by the ancient Egyptians. And they made sandals out of papyrus or thick leather. It is also worth mentioning that only people with the highest social status could wear sandals made out of the best materials and decorations. Many other places were using sandals in ancient times, for example, Romans, Greeks, and even Japanese.

Characteristics of Sandals

Sandals are shoes that are fairly simple, they are built by combining a sole with stripes/straps. They are made for the warm temperatures, and their goal is to be comfortable and airy during this summery weather. They can be made out of many different materials. Often you see sandals that are made of leather or natural fabrics, and sole made from rubber, leather, or cork. Sandals for men and kids are very different from the sandals for women. Men and kids ones are flat, while women sandals apart from the obvious flat, can also be heeled or on the platform. Differences can also be noticed in the number of stripes and the way they are connected to the sole.

When to use Sandals?

Have in mind that there are many different styles of sandals, therefore, they can be used for many occasions. Size and design have to be chosen individually. Having said that let’s get to the point. Flat sandals are usually an every-day type of shoes that can be used for meeting with friends or just a casual walk. When you want to wear them for a bit more official occasion, and you want to look more elegant than casual, you should decide to put on the heeled ones. They will surely highlight femininity and style.


I mentioned already that sandals were used in ancient times.  This kind of shoes became almost extinct during the middle ages, and that was because Christianity forbid women from showing naked feet.  Revealed feet were sexual symbols, therefore, it wasn’t something that religious women would wear. It was up until the twenties of twenty century when sandals started to show up. At first, it was mostly on the beaches of the French Riviera, but with time they started to be seen in other places as well. Up until a few years back, when they became so popular, that you can see them everywhere during summertime, and are considered essentials in every woman’s wardrobe.

The most interesting Sandal styles

These days, the most popular women sandals are heeled and platform sandals. In these models, toes are resting close to the ground on the thin sole, while the heel is higher up. It is worth to mention that floral patterns are getting more and more popular as well. This trend started a few seasons ago and is keep growing, so they will most likely stay with us for a few more years. For the more elegant outfit, gladiator sandals are the ones that are the most popular. They consist of many straps and resemble shoes worn by ancient Romans. There is also one type of unique and very specific sport sandals, they look almost like sports shoes, but have holes in them trying to be as airy as possible.

What to wear Sandals with?

Thanks to the huge variety of Sandals, it should be fairly easy to choose the right shoes for the outfit. They can be used with short skirts, as well as long dresses. They will also be perfect when you wear them with a sundress. Shorts are another piece of wardrobe that will look good with sandals. The very common practice to look fashionable and good is to wear sandals with a bag or accessory made in a similar style. For example, to the cork sandals, try adding a straw hat or cork bag, and I guarantee that you will be happy with it.

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