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There are two things that every woman should have in the wardrobe. One of them is a classic black dress. Another thing is a pair of red high heels. This distinct color together with a high heel attracts everybody. Why is that?

Mysterious Power of Red Color

Red, is no doubt the warmest color from all of them. For a long time already, it is associated as a color of life, love, and passions and has a strong position in the world of fashion. It is a dynamic color with a strong sense of emotions that’s why it is appreciated by designers and consumers. However, using red in creations is not as easy as it might seem. Not thoroughly thought outfit, and use of red color can ruin whole creation. Only well-thought use of this color will add style and attractiveness. How to do it, and how to wear red shoes? I will give you some tips on it!

Amazing Addition

High Heels got created having short women in mind, to add some height and decrease the heigh difference between man and woman. However, that is not always the case these days, and many women love high heels because they make them more confident, and highlight their feminity. What is interesting, high heels even if are not the most comfortable of the available shoes, are keep gaining popularity, and women are deciding to wear them more and more often.

Red High Heels – What Colors go well with them?

When deciding to put on red high heels to your outfit, it is important to remember not to overdo it. Choosing the right colors for your whole creation is very important, and even one small detail can ruin the whole outfit, and make it look terrible. But don’t worry I am here to give you tips on what to pay attention to.

Red high heels go really well with shades of black, white, grey, navy blue, and beige. Those colors are classic and are a perfect choice for red shoes, so you will be safe choosing them. If your knowledge of the fashion world is more advanced, and you usually know what to put on to be fashionable, you can risk and wear them with other red elements, but there is a very thin line between great and terrible outfit. It is easy to ruin it all, but wisely chosen creation will steal many looks.

Outfit for the party

Are you getting ready for the party and you want to wear your new red high heels, but you don’t know what to combine them with? The simple yet stunning look can be obtained by wearing a black dress and your heels. If you have a deep cleavage, add some pearl necklace and voila! You have a perfect outfit.

Important Business meeting

If you have an important business meeting ahead of you, and you want to feel confident, red high heels will be perfect in this situation. There is nothing better to motivate yourself than self-confidence, and it can be easily boosted by wearing the right outfit. This time leave the black dress at home and choose a black two-piece business set. This will be elegant and classy look that no doubt, will make you more confident.

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