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Mary Janes Hot Chocolate Design

Mary Jane Women Shoes on its own are already specific, but if you add Hot Chocolate Design to it, you will end up with a crazy, eye-catching Shoes. In this short article, I will focus on Hot Chocolate Design but if you would like to learn more about Mary Janes, check out this article.

Beginning of Hot Chocolate Design

The history of Hot Chocolate Design goes back to 2004, that is when the first chocolaticas were created. The first pair got created for the owner Carolina Aguerrevere with cooperation of Pablo Martinez. The intention wasn’t to start a design company, they simply didn’t like how everyone dresses the same way. Idea was to bring something new, a little bit crazy. Something that breaks the norms and is out of the box. That’s how Cherry Flats that can be seen below started the new trend, Hot Chocolate Desing. What was really innovative is the unmatching shoe design. One shoe is different from another, keeping the same colors and styles.

Hot Chocolate Design – Genesis of the name

As you could read above, Pablo that is a professor, professional illustrator, animator that had worked in TV, magazines, and publicity. And a professional graphic designer, art director for ad agencies, Carolina. They did not plan to start designing shoes for others. But as random people on the streets were asking where can they get a pair. Carolina and Pablo decided to design shoes for the others. Finding the right name seem like the hardest part, but when Carolina spilled hot chocolate all over Pable, they had Eureka moment. And that’s how Hot Chocolate Design got the name.

What products can I get from Hot Chocolate Design?

HCD specializes in women fashion. The main product is Women Shoes, and you can get them in a few styles. Different types of Mary Jane Shoes can be chosen, starting from flat, through mid-heel and ending with a high heel Mary Jane Women Shoe. You can also choose from flat slip-on shoes and Mary Janes for girls. Last but not least, they also offer Women platform shoes. Apart from shoes, you can also check out their handbags and wallets which have the same vibe as the shoes, unique and bit crazy.

So if you are looking for women shoes that are unique, look great and are up to the highest standards, Hot Chocolate Design are definitely worth checking out and giving them a try. Here you can find more about them and check their offer. Maybe something will catch your eyes and make you happy.

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