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Mary Jane Shoes are known all around the world and they are coming from to world of comic books. About seventy years ago they were very popular choice for men and women. These days however, they are mostly used by women. In many countries, they are part of a school uniform. It is a perfect shoe for all of you that value comfort. During hot summer times they bring relief to your foots, they are airy so you won’t cook yourself in them. There are many variations of Mary Janes, different colors different design from classy to a bit more sporty. Mary Janes are comfortable, stylish and very practical, what else can you need from the women shoes?

How to take care of your Mary Janes?

Before you put on your favorite Mary Jane Shoes, take a look outside. If the weather isn’t the best and it is raining, about to rain or worse, to snow, consider putting on shoes that cover your foot a bit more than mary jane. If you have leather mary janes and rain caught you, you need to take steps to protect your shoes. First, dry them up at room temperature, don’t put them on a heater. Once they dried up, use the shoe wax on them, and your shoes will last forever. Suede mary janes also aren’t the best in wet conditions. If you accidentally wet them, dry them up and use a suede brush to bring back intense color. It is also very important to note, that you definitely shouldn’t wash your mary janes.

What goes best with Mary Jane Shoes?

When it comes to fashion, mary janes are very versatile shoes. They can go well with almost anything. If you are going for a fancy dinner or elegant event, I suggest getting mary janes on a high heel. Black, leather shoes will be perfect for anything like that. Mary Jane Shoes are not only great for formal outfits. If you put on your favorite jeans and hoodie they will be great for this more casual outfit. During summer and spring times when you want to steal attention with your beautiful legs, I suggest you put on shorts and colorful mary janes that will only highlight your feminine style.

Mary Jane shoes are also great if you are looking for comfortable shoes for your kid. They are one of the most favorite types of shoes for many primary school kids. This shoe is so universal and it connects all the generations. It is nothing unusual to see grandmother, mother and a daughter wearing them. It just shows how multigenerational shoes they are.

What brands should I check first?

If you are completely new and you have no clue what brands are making Mary Jane, I suggest you check out Dr. Martens, they specialize in the classic and vintage Mary Janes but are definitely worth taking a look at. If you are looking for something flashy and unique, Hot Chocolate Design is something you should check, however, this is not your classic shoe type of deal. And last but not least, if you want something more luxurious Repetto is something you want to check.

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