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Many people believe that expensive things are always better. But is it actually a true statement in any case? And is it true when it comes to luxurious designer shoes? Let’s find the answer to that question!

Material Quality

First, let me say one thing, usually good shoes are expensive, but expensive shoes are not always good shoes. Let me explain it a bit more, the production of very good quality shoes is not cheap, but they’re always people that will try to make more money by tricking customers into paying more even if they are not using the best quality materials and design is flawed. The price of the shoes is the sum of a few factors, one of them is material. Leather and exotic materials are more expensive than crappy plastic. A good analogy will be jewelry, Swarovski’s crystals will be more expensive than cubic zirconia. So it is obvious that good quality leather have to be more expensive than second-grade materials.

dolce gabana luxurious designer women shoes

Design and Idea

Designing good shoes takes lots of time, is it not a simple task if you want to create something special. After the design product has to be tested, to see how it is because what might look good on a paper won’t be so good in reality. Another thing that has to be done in the creation process, is quality assurance. Quality assurance is here to make sure that every pair is free from any defects. It simply tries to eliminate every pair of shoes that is flawed. And finally, an idea and a brand, many designers that are well known in a fashion world put an extra price because they value their idea of the shoes. So if you want to have something that is special and unique, luxurious designer shoes will do the job but you will have to pay more.

Mass production and handmade

Luxurious designer shoes are often handmade which also contributes to the final price. It is way more expensive to create something with the hands of the people, rather than mass production. That also reflects the quantity, handmade shoes will be limited and every shoe is unique, it takes more time to produce one shoe this way than hundreds of shoes in a factory focused on mass production.

bottega veneta luxurious designer shoes for women

To conclude, if you want to have something special, some luxurious designer shoes are definitely worth the price, but not every expensive shoes are worth the price, so before making any purchase of luxurious designer shoes, do good research on a specific brand and a model to avoid disappointment.

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