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Leather Women Shoes Tips

Shoes that are made out of leather are very popular for many years already. No matter the gender, women, and man love them. We associate leather shoes with classy, refinement, elegant look and great quality. It is no surprise that they are usually more expensive than other types of shoes. And even though their presentation is amazing, they might be a little problematic because you need to spend more time to take care of them. Leather must be treated properly to look like you want it to look. I will give you 5 tips on how to take care of your leather shoes to make sure they are as astonishing as they were when you bought them.

1. Chose the right size of your shoes

Often when buying leather shoes we forget that leather stretches a little with time and with choosing an incorrect size the shoes might just get too big to use. That’s why when you getting leather shoes spend a little extra time to make sure they are a perfect fit as they are not forgiving as other shoe materials. Thanks to that you will spare a lot of nerves and your shoes will look way better. Another benefit of the correct size is that with correct fit material won’t get damaged as fast as with incorrect fit.

2. Use Shoe Wax to polish your shoes

Using Shoes Wax to polish your shoes is one of the fastest and one of the best methods to keep your leather shoes in good condition. If your shoes have color that is different than common black or brown and choosing correct wax color is difficult, I suggest using neutral color wax. It will still do a great job of adding a protective layer, bring back the shine that you desire and eliminate minor defects like scratches.

3. Proper Impregnation

Straight after purchasing leather shoes, even before you put them on for the first time, you should impregnate your shoes. You can find many different impregnates for leather shoes, some of them are classic and offer only basic protection. Other ones can protect from water or even dirt. The choice you make is totally up to your preference, and the visual effect you want to reach. Using impregnate is very easy, you can usually find how to do it on the impregnate itself. But you basically put a layer of it on the shoe and wait for it to dry up completely.

4. Use proper shoe stretchers

This is the method that has been in use for generations and is still being used. It is about filling leather shoes with a kind of stretcher that helps to keep shoes in the original shape. The filling cannot be too big nor too little as the effect won’t be the best. It will make the shoes look terrible and it might even damage the leather. You also shouldn’t use any random fillings like newspapers or any paper. These fillings were used in older times but these days we have special stretchers to do the job and it is smart using them.

5. Avoid factors that are bad to leather shoes

Leather, especially varnished shoes are not resistant to freezing temperatures. So whenever temperatures drop below a freezing point you shouldn’t go outside wearing them. If however, you have to do it, you should put on your lacquered shoes 10-15 minutes before going out and walk in them around your home. After you come back from outside you also shouldn’t take them out straight away. It is safe to keep them on for at least 15 minutes while being inside and taking them out after that time.

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