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How to take care of white shoes

White shoes became popular quite some time ago. It is an extremely stylish addition to the outfit, making it brighter and creating a fresh look. However, there is one issue that most white shoe lovers can agree on. It is very hard to keep them clean and white for a long period of time. Truthfully, they will stay immaculate only if we won’t use them at all. Every little scratch and dirt will be visible straight away. So how to take care of white shoes? I will try to give you some tips on it, so you will be able to enjoy your white shoes for longer than before.

Women Cleaning white shoe

Systematics is the key to success

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about sneakers, espadrilles, sandals or trainers, white shoes have to be cleaned regularly. If you won’t do that, it might be difficult, or even impossible to bring them back to the original color. So whenever you notice that your white shoes are getting dirty, or you see a stain, clean it up as soon as you can. You might be asking what to use and how to clean it? Well, there are few options, but I will give you two that are the best in my opinion.

First method

This first method isn’t very popular, but extremely effective. Not many people know that you can get special shoes cleaner. Keep in mind that depending on the material of your shoes, you need to choose the cleaner that is suitable for it. You will most likely have to use different solutions for leather, suede etc. than for textile materials. Using a shoe cleaner is extremely easy. First, you need to brush dirty spot of the shoes with a wet cloth, then you spread the cleaning product evenly on the surface and rub it gently with a sponge or cloth until it’s clean. You can also treat the whole shoe this way to enjoy stunning effects. You will also be able to find more details on every shoe cleaner bottle. Tip: If you are not 100% sure that the cleaner you got is safe to use, try it first on an area that isn’t visible.

Second method

This second option is directed to leather shoes. First, take a sponge or cloth and moisten it a little, then rub some soap into it and brush your shoes without pressing too hard. You need to remember to dry up the excess water so it won’t get into the leather. Areas that are hard to clean with sponge or cloth, can be cleaned using an old toothbrush, or a soft shoes brush. After this process, dry up the shoes with the help of paper towels, until completely dry. And the last, but not least step is to put a layer of a white-shoe polish.

Textile Shoes

Shoes that are made out of textile materials are fairly easy to clean compared to leather, suede, etc. You can use laundry detergent, mix it with water, and use a sponge, or cloth to wash off the dirt from your shoes. After you do that, wipe it dry, and your shoes should be like new.

Impregnate your shoe to keep it clean

This is an amazing way to keep your shoes white for longer. If you put a special protective layer on your shoes, you won’t have to wash them as often as you used to, because dirt will repeal from them. There are many different products available on the market, and most of them are in the form of a spray. Before you make any purchase, make sure that it’s suitable for material you are planning to use on.

I hope you liked this short article on how to take care of white shoes, and you will enjoy your white shoes for longer than ever before. Check out more articles with tips about women shoes, here you can find out where to buy shoes online.