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Poorly chosen shoes can ruin even perfect, the most stylish outfit. However, choosing the right shoes for your outfit will make it look stunning. How to match your shoes perfectly to look gorgeous, like a movie star? Here are some tips to consider when choosing shoes.

Choose the right outfit for the occasion

First, think of the occasion or event that you are preparing your creation for. Does it require any special outfit? For example for a wedding, or going to a theater you need something elegant, like an evening dress, however, going out to meet your friends or family you would usually choose something more casual. Many different situations allow a different type of shoes, so just remember to take a while and think if the creation you have chosen is right for the occasion.

Women Pumps Shoes

Remember that some situations require a specific type of shoes

Once you decide on the clothes you will put on after considering the occasion, you can start thinking of the shoes that will match and fulfill your creation. For official business meetings, the dress code is rather simple, choose from classic pumps or high heels shoes in colors that aren’t too flashy. Everyday office shoes depend solely on the dress code of your company, but usually, you have more freedom here. Pumps and high heels will do fine here, however, you can also wear sneakers and sandals of course according to the official dress code. Everyday outings are totally up to you, here there is no limit, but you want to feel comfortable. You can use pumps, sneakers, mary janes, flip flops, and many other types.

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Color of your shoes

While matching shoes to your outfit, apart from the type of shoe, color is also very important. The black color is great for any sort of business meetings or official events. If your clothes are white or pastel colors, white shoes will be a great fit. If you are a woman that likes to express your style, flashy, bright, and decoratives patterns can be a great fit for parties or official events. Those types of shoes will definitely catch some eyes on you. A universal way of choosing the color of your shoes is to match it to your clothes. For example red pumps to a red dress, green sneakers to green short etc.

Green Women Shoes Sneakers

Shoes should complement your clothes and create harmony

Put on clothes you have chosen together with shoes and take a look in the mirror. Shoes should complement your whole outfit and create harmony altogether. They shouldn’t focus the whole attention on them as this is not their goal. Their goal is to grab the attention of the outfit as a whole. Your creations should look like a set.

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