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How to buy Comfortable Women shoes

High Heels has many advantages over other women shoes types, however, there is one big flaw in them, poorly chosen can be a real nightmare to your feet. How to buy comfortable heels that you will feel good in and look stylish, elegant and sexy?

1. Make sure the size of your heels fits you perfectly

Choosing the right size is crucial in having comfortable heels. Too tight heels will hurt your feet and you will feel discomfort soon after you put them on. Too lose shoes will make your feet moving around, taking away stability and crating small wounds. When buying any pair of shoes, make sure to check the size guides offered by the producer. Different brands can vary in size, that’s why it is so important to check specific brands or even specific shoes size guides.

2. Try on shoes in the afternoon

Do not try on shoes in the morning hours. Even if you received your parcel with new shoes in the morning, wait till the afternoon to try them on. The reason behind that is that your feet swell after a long day, so shoes might be perfect in the morning, but to tight afternoon. If that is the case, and your shoes are indeed too small, switch them to half, or even a size up.

3. Choose the right heel height

The height of a heel has a huge impact on comfort. The most comfortable are lower heels, the higher they get, the more difficult and less comfortable they get. Low pump heels, commonly known as kitten heels are great to spend the whole day in them. And even after a day of wearing them, you will feel comfortable. High heels with a thick heel that are higher than kitten pumps will make you look sexier, and will boost your confidence. Those are great for a date night out or any sort of formal event. The very high and thin heel is only for a passionate person that doesn’t care about comfort, they will surely look stunning, but you can forget about comfort here.

4. Pay attention to toe space

This short post is all about how to buy comfortable heels, and to do that, make sure to have enough space for your toes. Toe of the shoes shouldn’t be too tight. Perfect choice for comfortable heels are the round toe rather than pointed. However, if you really want to have pointed toe heels, take a look at the models that narrows down after the toes end. This will give you enough space for your toes, but it will still make the shoe look longer and sexier.

5. Test before committing

After the first try, put on the shoes for a bit longer and walk around your home. Try to do it for at least a few minutes. If you feel comfortable, after this “test” walk you are good to go, however, if you feel discomfort, shoes are too small, too big, but you feel like they will get better with time, they usually aren’t. If they are uncomfortable you should really consider getting other shoes.

I hope this short article on how to buy comfortable heels will be helpful for you, and you will never have uncomfortable heels if you don’t want to. If you liked these tips and you would like to read more short articles like this, consider signing up for a newsletter, I am posting up to 3 articles a week. Also, here you can see the article on how to learn walking on high heels.

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