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Forest is always beautiful no matter if it is autumn or spring. Long hikes there are very good for you, you can calm down after a stressful day, which benefits your health. How to prepare for a long hike? What shoes are the best for it? And what to pay attention to when choosing hiking shoes?

1. Hiking shoes should have hard sole

That is a very important thing to keep in mind when choosing hiking shoes, hard and good grip sole. This gives you more control and stability. On paths in the forests, you can run into rocks, fallen trees, roots, and many other obstacles, that’s why it is important to choose hard thick sole, it is basically for your safety. Soft sole shoes like sneakers, might not be the best option. Soft thin sole won’t amortize your feet properly which might lead to unnecessary injuries that can be easily avoided.

2. The inside of the shoes should be soft with additional cushions

Thanks to additional cushion you will avoid sore foot even if you spend many hours in your shoes. Choosing proper hiking shoes will help you to reduce or completely eliminate wounds in the places that usually get hurt the most, for example on heels. Another important thing when it comes to the material is elasticity. You can do a simple test if you are in a shop and you can touch the shoes. Hold the shoe by the heels and try to bend it by pushing the front of the shoe against the heel. If it bends in the middle, elasticity is spot on! Otherwise, it might not be the best option for the long hikes, but still should be good for quick walks.

3. Hiking shoes have to be waterproof and durable

When you planning to take a long hike, it might be hard to predict the weather exactly, it might easily change in the course of hours. You might leave home when there is perfect sunny weather with no clouds on the whole sky, but a few hours later it might start raining terribly. That’s why it is important to consider only waterproof shoes if you have long hikes in mind. These days there are materials that are waterproof but also provide a good level of aeration, which means your feet can “breathe” easily. Those materials, even after heavy rain can protect your should from being wet completely, so when you take off the shoes, your socks will still be dry. Another advantage of high-quality modern materials is that they are drying faster than any other materials.

4. Pay attention to the weight, the lighter the better

Today’s technologies allow reducing the weight while keeping durability and waterproof on the highest level without compromising comfort. The rule with weight is simple, the lighter the shoes are, the more comfortable during long hikes they will me. Additionally, you will be able to walk slightly faster and longer distances. That’s because you won’t tire your muscles as much as with heavier shoes. It might sound a bit silly, but step after step, the weight eventually ads up.

5. Shoes need to be a perfect fit

Hiking shoes need to fit your shoes perfectly. If you are going to the physical store to buy your hiking shoes, rather than shopping online, you can follow these tips. First, try on the new shoes in the afternoon hours, while your feet are little swollen after a whole day on your feet, this should definitely help choose the right size for you. You can also do this simple test to make sure you get the right size, put on the shoes, and walk down on any kind of slope. By doing that, you will test if you feel the same comfort walking down from the hill as when you walking on a leveled ground. If during this test you feel your foot is moving down, inside the shoe, try on different, more comfortable size that holds your foot. Remember that even if your foot is moving a little inside the shoe, thousands of steps taken might make wounds and blister, so make sure you get the right size.

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