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High Heels Shoes are usually associated with elegance and feminity. Little girls stare with admiration at women walking in high heels. However, many of them when grown older and finally put their first high heels, feel disappointed. It is usually caused by the discomfort and pain they feel after only a short moment of wearing high heels shoes. But that’s not all, another issue is keeping the balance to look with grace rather than awkwardly. It doesn’t have to be like that, you can learn how to wear high heels and feel good and look amazing.

Get the right high heels for you

Beautiful, shiny stilettos on a very high heel for sure look gorgeous on fashion shows or in the photos on the internet. However, this won’t be the best choice if you are starting your journey with high heels, and don’t feel very comfortable wearing them yet. Those will be great once you already “experienced” high heeler. When you are considering the purchase of high heels, one of the most important thing is to pay attention to stability. If you are struggling to stand on them while trying them on, it will only get worse with time wearing them. And don’t expect to stand in them for many hours during the event or night out.


A good tip to check the stability is to stand on one leg. If you are wobbling, it is a good sign not to buy this model. One of the easiest high heels to learn, are pumps with ankle strap. The strap will hold your feet and improve your stability greatly. Size also should be the perfect fit, too big of a shoe won’t look good and will lower your stability. Too small with just hurt you terribly. The last thing to consider is material and quality of the shoe. Shoes made out of high-quality material will be more comfortable and will last you longer.

Gradually increase heel size

When beginning your journey with high heels don’t go for the very high and thin heel. Start from lower and bigger/wider heel. If you never wore high heels before and you are planning to put them on for the long event lasting hours, it will be really difficult without any sort of training. The best advice is to buy the shoes ahead of time and walk with them in your apartment. It doesn’t have to be for long at first, a few minutes a day will be sufficient. Once you feel more comfortable you can start taking short walks outside. Grocery shopping is also a good idea, as a shopping cart can help to keep balance. With time you will feel more and more confident with your new high heels shoes.

Keep the right posture

All your efforts put into hours of training can easily be ruined if you won’t keep the right posture. Even if you keep the good body posture for the most time, when you put on high heels you will instinctively lean on forward to keep your balance. It doesn’t look very good so you should resist your instincts and keep your body straight. Remember to keep your head up and body straight and with no time you will feel great and look gorgeous with any high heels shoes.

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