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Every woman should have at least one pair of high heels shoes in the closet. High heels are perfect shoes for every occasion: they are great for the office, convention, romantic dinner or even a wedding. Thanks to them we are visually taller and more fit. When a woman puts on high heels the whole looks change. The body is more straight, which makes figure slim. The way of walking also changes, the walk is dynamic which makes it look way more confident. The figure becomes more feminine and sensual.

If heels have so many advantages, why so many women can’t stand wearing them for a few hours? Lack of skill in walking in high heels makes it look weird and caricatural rather than sexy. Apart from that, poorly chosen, might cause not only feet and spine pain but also various serious injuries. We will give you some tips on how to choose the right shoes. for you.

Christian Louboutin

High heels virtuoso, Christian Louboutin, created the most recognizable sole in the world. The intense red color of the sole got created thanks to Mr. Louboutin’s assistant that was using red nail polishing color. It is associated with the French Revue, Cabaret, Sexiness, Sensuality and this is how every single shoe from Christian Louboutin is. He treats women’s feet with a kind of fetish, showing a big part of it in his heels. The model you can see below is one of the most popular and sexy in Christian Louboutin collection. An angle is steep setting the feet dramatically, yet in a sensual arch. The heel height is 100mm which is really high but the effect is amazing. Your whole body will look stunning in them.

Christian Louboutin Shoes

If you feel confident in 100mm heels you can also try 120mm which will make you look even better than 100mm but walking in them will be way more difficult. Christian Louboutin keeps having innovative ideas and he constantly releasing new inspirational designs.

Christian Louboutin High Heels


Another best selling high heels are coming from a brand called Casadei. They are on the market since 1958 so they are established for over 60 years and for all this time they are creating perfect shoes. Their hallmark is characteristic high heel called the blade. Those shoes are enormously high and are designed only for the bravest women. Casadei shoes look like sculptures, where the heel seems like it separates itself from the rest of the shoe, making a woman body look splendid.

Casadei Shoes

Gianvito Rossi

For all the women that are beginning their adventure with high heels shoes, the Gianvito Rossi will be a brand that will suit you perfectly. Many people say that they are one of the most comfortable high-end high heels available on the market. The biggest stars and the most famous women like Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz or even Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton chose Gianvito Rossi. No surprise there, it is thanks to great design that make the shoes stable and allows to wear them for an extended amount of time on a scene or during all sort of events. Gianvito Rossi is minimalist that designs outstanding, classic, universal, and multigeneration shoes.

Gianvito Rossi Shoes

No matter what brand or height of your heels will you choose, make sure to put them on and walk in them for some time before any big event or party to make sure they fit you well and adjust to your feet. If you don’t feel confident in very high and thin heels, start with something lower and thicker. And with gaining the valuable skill of walking in high heels you can gradually switch to higher and higher ones.

April 4, 2020

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