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Eye-Catching Women Shoes

Are you awaiting an important business meeting? Or your company has a very strict dress code? There’s no need to worry. You can still save your outfit with the addition of… shoes! You may think that shoes aren’t an important piece of your outfit, however, well-chosen can do a miracle. Recently all sorts of eye-catching shoes are getting extremely popular. They are very practical because they perfectly complement every creation.

Fashionable and Feisty Animal Print

It might sound shocking to you because animal prints are often associated with a lack of style. But this is only true when they are used in excess and aren’t well thought of. The devil is in the detail. You just need to remember not to overpower your whole outfit with animal print but use it as an addition. High Heels in Leopard print combined with elegant black trousers are extremely popular in this season. Thanks to that kind of shoes, your stylization won’t be overpowered, it will only get feisty. It is also worth to mention that animal print will make you look firm and will give you a confidence boost.

animal print women shoes

Flashy Neon Shoes

This might not be the best idea for the business meeting, but it will be perfect for the party! Contrary to popular beliefs, flashy neon shoes can suit almost any outfit. It is important to use colors that go well with one another. If you like to use casual clothes as your go-to outfit, green or yellow neons will be perfect with jeans. Sporty shoes will do wonders in this mix, as well as pumps or ballerinas. It would look extremely stylish and you will get attention from everybody around you. So don’t worry that they are flashy and eye-catching, this is the idea behind wearing them. These bright shoes give you the opportunity to express yourself and show your style. Apart from that, they are must-have for the night clubs and any other parties.

flashy neon shoes for women

Metallic Shine

Ballet flats, trainers, high heels, boots, and even sandals – every shoe type have a metallic version. This color became highly popular a few years back and is still fairly popular up to this day. In this case, you also don’t need to worry too much about matching your shoes for the rest of your clothes. Metallic shade can be treated as a grey color, a color that is very universal. Of course, different shoe models will vary with how strong they shine, and the tone of the color, but this is totally up to your preferences. One example of perfect use of metallic shoes can be metallic pumps combined with a ball dress, they will add you a lot of charm and will complement your outfit as a whole.

metallic women shoes pumps

I hope you enjoyed this short article on eye-catching shoes and what to wear them with, and you will be able to use the tips you found here. If you would like to check out more tips regarding women’s shoes, feel free to check out this blog, here is a cool post on Shoes for Red Dress, but there are many more tips on this blog page.