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History of Ballerina Shoes

Ballet Flat Shoes are shoes that are known for many years. They were used mostly to dance and were used by Ballerinas. First ballerinas that we know, were made in France and were created by the brand that is known to this day, Repetto. They became very popular in the fifties when they were used by stars like Brigitte Bardot. After her many other stars started wearing them as well. Not long after ballerina shoes were owned by the majority of women.

No surprise there, without doubt, ballet flats are great women shoes that throughout history, sometimes are more, sometimes less popular but always many women are interested in them and can’t imagine their wardrobe without at least a pair of Ballerina Shoes.

Elegant Ballet Flat to use with a dress

What ballerinas will go well with a dress? I will give you advices on what style, color and type will be the best to be used with a dress. So, how should elegant ballerina shoes look like? The most important, sporty ballerina with rubber sole are a big no-no when it comes to elegant outfit. Another bad choice will be also rubbery or cotton, go with leather or suede material. When it comes to style, the best option will be classic. The ones with strap tie will also be a good choice as elegant Ballerina Shoe.

What color should I choose?

Color is very important when creating an outstanding outfit. If you need dark shoes, I suggest black, brown, dark blue, and dark shades of grey. For lighter choice chose white, pink, sky, overall pastel colors will do great. When you need strong color to highlight your elegant outfit, in some situations, bright red shades are perfect. Some other colors worth mentioning are green and purple, not too flashy, rather classy. Metallic shoes are also becoming more popular recently. Try gold or silver metallic colors.

Can Elegant Ballerina Shoes be Embellished?

Of course, they can! A great choice is a material embellish, for example, snakeskin. It is also worth considering classic decorations like ribbon or different piece of material attached to a shoe. Metalic pieces, like pins, attached to the front of the shoe will also look great. Same can be said about pearls attached to shoes, this is another piece that can help make a better visual effect. Also, don’t forget about glitter and sequins, depending on your dress, it might be the perfect solution for you.

Other elegant shoes?

I hope this short article will help you create a stunning outfit that you will feel great in. However, if you want to use other shoe types like high heels or sneakers, that can also be great and elegant, check out this article about sneakers, and this one about high heels. Additionally, if you still haven’t got the right shoes for your Valentine’s Day Date, take a look at this article where a few different options can be found.

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