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Pink Ballerina Flat Women Shoes

Ballet Flat Shoes, are one of the shoes that every woman loves. This comfortable type can have many uses. They can be used as casual, business, or even elegant piece of the outfit. Ballet flats seem very universal, suiting everybody and everything, however, it is important to pay attention to a few things.

Ballet Flats looks the best on narrow feet. Every women that has narrow feet can easily wear them from any kind of material. Women that has wider feet should focus on leather. Thanks to that elastic material, you will avoid abrasion. What else do you need to keep in mind choosing ballet flats?

How to choose ballerina flats?

When you decide to put on ballerinas, please keep in mind that this type of shoes, visually “shortens” your legs and lengthen your feet. Having said that, they will be the perfect option for all the women that have long legs and small feet size. If you have short legs, don’t worry, you still can pull off a stunning look with ballerinas. And to do that, you need to choose models that aren’t covering the whole foot. Models that cover more, shorten your figure. Another solution to make your legs look longer is choosing ballerinas on a small heel.

What to wear ballet flat shoes with?

Ballet flats will look good with almost any kind of trousers, long, short, wide, narrow, etc. If you are short, consider long, straight trousers, and you will look amazing. This is also a good option for all the women that have massive calves. Tall and mid-height ladies, will look good with any trousers, so they definitely have more options. It is also worth mentioning that ballerina flats are a great fit for mini skirts, short dresses, and shorts. Midi skirts, that reach your calves, and maxi that are even longer, are reserved only for slim long-legged women, otherwise, it will look heavy, and will shorten you terribly.

What to avoid wearing with ballerinas?

Putting on ballerinas with bell-bottoms is a terrible mix, you can call it a faux pas. This set makes your legs look massive, and the whole figure will look heavy. Another thing worth remembering is to avoid mixing ballet flats with evening dress. Even though ballet flats can look elegant, they have this more casual vibe, that won’t be taken seriously during special events.

Chose right kind of ballerinas for right occasion

Choosing ballerinas shoes depends on the occasion that you want to wear them. Synthetic, simple, and sporty ones will be a good option as an every-day casual type of shoes. The ones that you put on when going shopping, and when comfort and pace are important. Color and pattern are totally up to you in this case, you can choose anything you like. Another type is elegant ballerinas that you can put on for the office or a business meeting. Choosing this type, pay attention to the high quality of the shoe, the best material is leather, and black ballet flats are the quintessence of business look. Last but not least, ballet flats are also a great option for date night, going to the cinema or party. Patent shoes will be perfect for that reason, they will attract attention in a similar way to heels.

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