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Women Shoes Should Own

In this article, I will present you with 5 types of Women Shoes that every woman should have.

1. Flats

They are the most versatile, a lot of people tend to reach for them a lot. Flats are the most comfortable, and you get the most bank for your money in cost of wear per buck. If you choose only one type of flats, I recommend you picking a pointy toe flat. Everyone has their opinion about this, but round toe has a tendency to make your legs look a little more stubby, whereas a pointed toe is more feminine. It makes the shoes looks more expensive and high end. Another essential flat that every woman should own, is a good, classic loafer. As not many of the other shoes they are almost never going out of the style. Loafer is essential and you should really have at least a pair.

2. Heels

Some women aren’t really huge fans of high heels, but if you will get the right shoe, you will love them. Pumps are classic, they are not so hard to walk in, and it doesn’t hurt your feet as much if you chose smaller heel. Another type of heels you should consider is a good old strappy sandal heel. This is a kind of spring/summer friend of classic pumps. The heel gives you some elevation making you taller, however, they are still easy to walk in. You might need at least 2 pairs, black and beige to make sure you will be able to match them with your outfits.

3. Boots

Depending if you are more into flats or heels, choose between Chelsea if you want something flat, or Sock Boot if you want something on a heel. They are very similar in style so it comes to your preference and which one you like more, flat or heel. Boots can be used with jeans, skirts, and anything else you really want. If you want something that makes a big statement, try boots with snake print for example, they will be a star of your creation rather than addition, so match them with your clothes wisely.

4. Sneakers

The best sneakers are the ones that can be worn to work-out and just to a casual everyday outfit. You want something that will look ok, and won’t steal attention from your outfit, but will be just an addition. They can go very well with a pair of jeans. However, what you will wear them with limits only your imagination, as sneakers can go well with almost everything. You can check this short article about Sneakers.

5. Designer/Luxury

Contrary to the title, this is not something that you really need to have, however, if you are shoe enthusiast and only if your budget allows it (don’t go into debt to get them) you should have a pair of designer or luxury shoes. When it comes to this category, everyone has their favorite type of shoe. And it is usually something from previous categories that I listed. If you love some designer high heels look, but you are not wearing heels at all or very seldom, don’t get luxury heels. For example, get some designers flats if flats are something that you wear a lot, you get the idea. Get something that you like to wear.

If you need some more advice, check other short blog articles. Here you can find out how to choose the right high heels shoes.

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